Throughout 2014 Survation worked with Bright Blue, conducting targeted polling on immigration and the welfare state. The work was funded by a number of national organisations including Save the Children, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, The Barrow Cadbury Trust, The Child Poverty Action Group, Age UK and The Young Women’s Trust. The polling was used as the basis of two Bright Blue reports.

The tables for the attitudes to welfare polling can be found here and here.  The tables for Conservative attitudes to immigration can be found here and here.  The tables for BME attitudes to immigration can be found here and here.
Bright Blue reports on Survation polling

A balanced centre-right agenda on immigration
 January 2015

Give & Take: How conservatives think about welfare
 August 2014

Examples of coverage of Survation’s work for British Future

Tories could capture millions of ethnic minority votes if they soften stance on immigration, says study
 13 June 2015

Tory voters rank immigrants from good to bad
 21 January 2015

Instead of aping Ukip, Conservatives should be positive about immigration
 19 January 2015

Most Conservatives want more immigration, centre-right think tank tells David Cameron
 19 January 2015

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